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  Set Ποντίκι και Mouse Pad Disney Mickey 3D DSY TP3001
Set Ποντίκι και Mouse Pad Disney Mickey 3D DSY TP3001
16,55 €
7,49 €
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ΕιδοποιήσειςΘέλω να λαμβάνω ειδοποιήσεις για αλλαγές/ανανεώσεις του προϊόντος Τιμον ιέρα Thrustmast er TMX Force Feedback PRO με πεντά λ
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  Επισκέπτες: 35
Συνολικά Προϊόντα: 5448
Περισσότεροι: 682
18192577 Επισκέψεις από: 10-04-2004

Προβολές Σελίδων: 67687590
Τιμονιέρα Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback PRO με πεντάλ
 316,20 € 
Τιμονιέρα Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback PRO με πεντάλ
Ποσότητα : x

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Περισσότερες Φωτογραφίες
Τιμονιέρα Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback PRO με πεντάλ Τιμονιέρα Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback PRO με πεντάλ

Thurstmaster PRO Racing setup for the Xbox One and Windows machines

T3PA 3-pedal set
The TMX is connected to the Thrustmaster T3PA pedal set. The pedals and the materials used in pedals are made of 100% metal. The T3PA is completely adjustable (distance, inclination and the accelerator pedal additionally with an adjustable height adjustment). For this purpose, the users can adjust the resistance of the individual pedals as well. The optional Conical Rubber Brake-Mod for setting the ultra-progressive resistance is also included, depending on the available pedal travel.

High driving comfort
The grip areas of the steering wheel are designed for high driving comfort in structured rubber.
2 large, steering wheel mounted, sequential gearshifts. 13 cm high - 100% metal.

Realistic steering wheel design in "tournament style"
(GT, F1, NASCAR, Rallye, etc.) with its ergonomic design and the perfect fit for all racing / driving simulations.

Extreme racing precision
The adjustable rotation angle of 270 ° to 900 ° allows gamers to race with all vehicles in an unrivaled realism.
High-precision steering wheel: optical scanning with a resolution of 12-bit (i.e., 4096 values ??on the steering axis of the steering wheel).

Realistic force feedback
Thanks to the realistic force feedback, you can enjoy all sensory impressions in the race to the full: Feel the road or race track texture, the loss of tire adhesion, brakes, shocks and beats, etc.
A smooth, precise and quiet racing wheel with a mixed pulley and shift system.

Xbox One certified software
Officially implemented software: The racing wheel is automatically recognized by the Xbox One. Compatible in the system menus. Compatible with all Xbox One racing games supporting racing bikes.

Comprehensive equipment
Never take your hands off the steering wheel.
Official buttons for Xbox One: Xbox Guide Button, View and Menu. Switch between the game and the system, navigate through the menus of the system, access social functions, etc.
12 action buttons (including 2 at the base) + 1 D-pad.

Compatible with Thrustmaster TH8A1 gear shift.
2 circuit boards included: "H" circuit (7 + 1) and sequential (+/-).
1 Available separately.

Microsoft Xbox One:Yes
Type:Steering Wheel

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